Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France
Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France

The lounge - a convertable couch and a spacious shower

25 square meters for sleeping and for cool siestas in summer

The lounge can be used as a second bedroom.  It has its own bathing facilities and there is an independant WC.  In summer, when much of your social life will take place between the kitchen and the terrace, you will not miss the living room much.  And you will appreciate the cool vault for some good sleep in hot Provence.


Also, if you sleep in the lounge, you can decide to keep it purely as your bedroom - leaving the couch in its double bed position - or you can stock your pillows and bed covers in the large cupboard under the stairs and use the lounge as a living room during the day.



Plenty shelve space next to your bed and specially conceived hanging space for your clothes in the cupboard under the stairs.


There is a chamber screen for keeping the lounge and its bathroom separated from the kitchen and stairs, for privacy from your friends or family staying upstairs.

Spacious Shower

2 square meters for showering, lingering, soaking, talking...  Largely space for two!




The bathroom has a shower for two of 1m20 by 1m70, tiled in black and white, as in Paris Métro goes to Japan, with buckets and chairs for soaking and relaxing the oriental way.




Next to the shower, the bathroom sink has its own space with authentic art pieces on the walls.  The space is heated by an efficient towel heater.

Contact Us

The Jas

N15 rue du Pontias

26110 Nyons




Phone : +33 (0)426 66 28 24


Locate us here.  To reserve now, please use the on-line form or send an email.  For further information, you can also call.

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