Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France
Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France

The Lounge - the advantages of a vaulted cellar

25 square meters of space under a charming vault

On this first floor, behind the kitchen, is the lounge, created in a vaulted cellar.  I added an open wood-burning fireplace and a parquet floor.  This is the place to watch a movie, read or listen to music.  I share my LP collection with you and you can borrow from our list of auteur-films on DVD.  There is satellite TV with the basic international range.  If desired, music is also audible in the kitchen through speakers installed by the dining table.


An elegant modern neon-lamp can light up the vault generously.  Two little lampshades and the woodfire can keep it romantic.



A large door opening allows for a view into the kitchen, a large mirror reflects the light during the day.  The lounge is cool in the hot summer of Provence - lovely for hiding on a very hot afternoon after lunch - and cosy and warm in winter, with central heating and a wood fire.  The space is amply ventilated and very pleasant in all seasons.

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The Jas

N15 rue du Pontias

26110 Nyons




Phone : +33 (0)426 66 28 24


Locate us here.  To reserve now, please use the on-line form or send an email.  For further information, you can also call.

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