Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France
Le Jas du Pontias in Nyons - Drôme Provençale - France

Nights in Nyons

The house and the Nyons Saint Vincent churchtower by night.  The terrace invites you to enjoy the warm summer evenings of Provence at home.


Here is a video that gives you the feel of a lovely Nyons summer night.

The kitchen/dining room is situated directly by the terrace.



View through to the lounge, alias extra bedroom.


On the left towards the lounge, the independent WC and the bathroom with the spacious shower.

The lounge features a comfortable sofa, which transforms into a double bed when necessary.  You will find a television hooked up to a good amplifier with four speakers plus two in the kitchen/dining room.  There is a turntable and please enjoy the record collection (pop, jazz, world and classical music).


And for the cooler season, there is a wood-burning fire place (in the mirror).

Contact Us

The Jas

N15 rue du Pontias

26110 Nyons




Phone : +33 (0)426 66 28 24


Locate us here.  To reserve now, please use the on-line form or send an email.  For further information, you can also call.

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